Common Disadvantages of Wearing Invisalign By Smile Clinic London
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Common Disadvantages of Wearing Invisalign By Smile Clinic London

As an alternative to old-fashioned wire braces, Invisalign clear aligners offer a popular discreet method for straightening teeth. However, despite advantages like removable convenience and near-invisible appearance, Invisalign still comes with a few drawbacks to consider before committing to treatment.

By understanding the most common disadvantages patients encounter with Invisalign London ahead of time, you can weigh the pros and cons intelligently before beginning clear aligner therapy. Keep reading for an overview of the top downsides of Invisalign treatment and how orthodontists like Smile Clinic London help patients overcome potential obstacles through discount invisalign offers.

Higher Upfront Cost

One of the biggest disadvantages of Invisalign compared to traditional wire braces is higher initial cost. Most standard orthodontic treatments cost between £2,000 – £5,000 for the full course of clear aligner therapy. Metal braces ordered in bulk and installed chairside are often several hundred pounds cheaper.

However, Smile Clinic London offers substantial discount Invisalign rates to offset some of the increased expense compared to braces. They also feature dental payment plans to break costs into affordable monthly installments. While still an investment, Invisalign discounts and flexible payments make treatment attainable at the Smile Clinic London.

Potential Speech Impediment

Some patients report temporarily impaired speech and minor lisping or slurring words early in Invisalign treatment as the mouth adjusts. Thankfully, any speech struggles tend to resolve within the first couple of weeks as you get used to speaking clearly wearing plastic trays.

Practicing tongue twisters while wearing your new aligners helps retrain your mouth and jaw muscles to articulate accurately. Smile Clinic London also provides communication tips to power through initial speech changes swiftly. Their London discount invisalign plans include free progress exams to troubleshoot any lingering speech issues.

Potential for Tooth Decalcification

Consistent aligner wear means constantly having plastic pressed against your teeth for 20-22 hours daily. Without proper cleaning, bacteria and plaque-causing deposits can build up, leading to permanent decalcification markings on tooth enamel.

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Careful aligner cleaning and more frequent dental cleanings during treatment reduces this risk substantially. Still, Smile Clinic London offers free whitening with certain discount invisalign packages as added insurance against potential decalcification.

Eating and Drinking Adjustments

By design, Invisalign aligners stay in your mouth almost nonstop except for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. This means adjusting meal and snack habits since you must fully remove aligners before eating or drinking anything besides water.

Some patients get frustrated by having to brush after coffee, tea, wine or meals before reinserting trays. However, Smile Clinic London teaches proper oral care practices and schedules so maintaining clear aligners becomes second nature quickly. Their London discount invisalign plans include all necessary dental hygiene products to simplify switching out trays.

Potential for Tooth Extraction

In moderate to severe overcrowding cases, the orthodontist might recommend tooth extraction before Invisalign trays if other teeth require more room to shift effectively. Removing select teeth provides added space in the jaw for optimal aligner movements.

While no one wants teeth pulled, this permanent teeth straightening solution proves necessary for some patients’ desired transformations. Smile Clinic London minimizes extractions whenever possible and offers Sedation Dentistry to make the process smooth and anxiety-free if required.

Lengthy Treatment Duration

While Invisalign works more rapidly than old metal braces, aligners still must be worn consistently for 6-18 months to achieve desired straightening. Impatient folks could find this extended treatment frustrating. However, most patients agree perfectly aligned teeth are worth the year-or-so commitment.

Smile Clinic London sets realistic expectations about average treatment length based on your unique smile goals. Their discount Invisalign plans also include free progress exams every 6-8 weeks to maximize efficiency.

Increased Risk of Cavities

Consistently having plastic pressed on teeth makes keeping oral bacteria at bay more challenging. Without meticulous aligner cleaning and more frequent dental cleanings, some patients see increased plaque accumulation and early tooth decay during Invisalign treatment.

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However, Smile Clinic London mitigates this risk substantially through their strict oral hygiene protocols tied to London discount invisalign packages. Free tube of prescription toothpaste formulated to prevent cavities also comes included.

By understanding the most common Invisalign disadvantages upfront and actively addressing them through proper hygiene and dental care, Smile Clinic London helps patients complete clear aligner treatment smoothly. Contact them to learn more about their discount invisalign in London options and flexible payment plans to make your smile goals affordable!

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