How to Change Tyres Yourself – DIY Tyre Fitting Tips in Golders Green
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How to Change Tyres Yourself – DIY Tyre Fitting Tips in Golders Green

Got a flat tyre or need new rubber for your ride? Rather than calling mobile tyre fitting Golders Green, you can save money changing tyres yourself. With the right tools and techniques, you’ll get rolling again in no time.

Here are essential do-it-yourself tyre fitting tips for changing your own tyres safely in Golders Green.

Know Your Tyres First

Before jacking up your ride, assess the current state of tyres:

  • Measure tread depth across each and check for wear bars
  • Scan sidewalls for bubbles, cracks, cuts, or punctures
  • Confirm tyres match vehicle specs and load requirements Only proceed with DIY removal if tyres pass inspections.

Assemble Proper Tools

Changing tyres is much easier with specialty tools designed for the job:

  • Floor or trolley jack to lift vehicle
  • Lug wrench for loosening bolts and nuts
  • Torque wrench for tightening within specs
  • Wheel chocks, blocks, and spare stand
  • Rubber mallet to break the bead seal

Cover Yourself Too!

Also gather protective gear to shield your clothes and body while working on wheels:

  • Thick work gloves
  • Knee pads
  • Steel toe boots
  • Coveralls or old clothing

Select Safe Tyre Fitting Area

Find solid, level ground with good access and lighting all around your vehicle. Avoid:

  • Steeply sloped or uneven terrain
  • Areas with traffic nearby
  • Loose gravel or mud patches
  • Tight quarters with no room to work
  • Prep Wheels Before Lifting

Getting set up properly makes changing flats efficient:

  • Park vehicle securely in neutral/park
  • Turn hazard lights on
  • Chock drive wheels on opposite end
  • Loosen nuts before lifting

Lift It Right with Jack Stands

The key to safe DIY tyre removal is lifting properly on sturdy stands:

  • Place jack under factory indicated points only
  • Test lift height by initially raising slowly
  • Securely support under axle or frame with stands
  • Shake vehicle to confirm stability

Break the Bead Before Changing Tyres Golders Green

Before the tyre will fully detach, the seal around the rim must release:

  • Remove valve stem cap and core
  • Insert bead breaker tool
  • Give the tyre sidewall a few whacks with a mallet

Change Tyres Golders Green with Care

With beads unsealed, tyres are ready for changeout:

  • Loosen nuts fully and remove
  • Gently pry tyre from rim flange
  • Avoid damaging rim surface
  • Install in reverse order

Proper Torquing Prevents Trouble

  • Improperly tightened lug nuts cause wobbles and wheel loss.
  • Snug nuts up lightly in criss-cross sequence
  • Use a calibrated torque wrench for final tightening

Lower and Re-Torque

After fitting tyres Golders Green correctly:

  • Remove all stands, blocks and chocks
  • Hand tighten lugs again
  • Lower vehicle fully

Is tyre Fitting so simple and anyone can do it. No, tyre fitting is not as simple as it may seem, and not just anyone can do it properly.

Here are some reasons why tyre fitting can be challenging:

Safety Risks

Changing a tyre yourself incorrectly can be extremely dangerous if the vehicle falls off the jack. Tyres must be fitted using the proper jacking points on the frame to prevent slipping.

Specialty Tools Required

Fitting tyres requires an array of specialty tools most everyday car owners do not have – jack and jack stands, torque wrench, bead breaker, etc. Without these, tyres can be damaged or come off while driving.

Complex Procedure

There are many intricate steps involved: breaking the bead seal, prying the tyre off carefully without damaging wheel rims, lubricating components, gradually torquing lug nuts in a star pattern to specific specs. It’s not as easy as swapping one tyre for another.

Heavy Lifting Involved

Wrestling large, heavy tyres takes considerable strength and stamina to avoid getting injured or exhausted especially changing multiple tyres.

Lack of Experience

If you don’t change tyres fairly regularly, it’s easy to forget proper techniques or have the confidence to do it safely while stranded roadside.

While DIY tyre changes may seem straightforward, in reality getting everything right requires substantial skill. For most everyday drivers without proper equipment and training, professional mobile tyre fitting Golders Green is the smartest and safest option over tackling it alone. Consider leaving it to experienced technicians.

Finish tightening nuts with torque wrench to spec

DIY tyre changes are very achievable with proper tools, safety measures, patience, and mechanical skill. But for those lacking time or confidence, the mobile tyre pros at 24hr mobile tyre fitting Golders Green have you covered anytime!

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