What is pre-submission peer review and why it’s important?
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What is pre-submission peer review and why it’s important?

Pre-Submission Peer Review: Definition and Importance 

Getting your manuscript selected or grant proposal approved is not an easy task. Many researchers with years of experience struggle to get their work approved by renowned journals. There are multiple important components in a research work that can only be observed with keen interest and scrutiny. Sometimes research objectives are not clear while on other times research impacts are not defined well. Some manuscripts are too succinct that they start to look like a list of facts. Whereas, some are just too vague.

Every author gives their utmost attention to their work but no one can avoid making mistakes completely. If the authors want to make their manuscripts as near to perfection as possible then they should choose the pre-submission peer review service of Journal publishing experts. You can avoid getting feedback in the rejection letter if you get precious feedback from peers before submission. 

What Does Peer Review Pre-Submission Mean?

Before the researchers make a submission of their work to esteemed journals for publication or financial assistance, they can get their work reviewed by experts in their industry. With JPE submission services, any individual can submit their academic or professional research work for review and identify the loopholes in their work. When your peers critically analyze your work and provide you with their honest feedback, you get the advantage of making necessary corrections before submission. You can make as many revisions as required and give it the best shape. 

The most frequently occurring reasons for the rejection of a manuscript by well-known journals include;

  • The wrong order of events mentioned or the illogical structure of work
  • Ambiguities in the objective of conducting a research study 
  • Lack of convincing evidence to prove the significance of conducting a particular research study

Authors can get an overall review of their paper with pre-submission review services and avoid all these mistakes and much more. The experienced editors thoroughly read the research papers and add direct comments to areas that need specific changes. With these comments, a student, academic, or researcher can easily identify many important things including;

  • Where to explain the key aims of conducting this study to maintain the reader’s focus
  • Improve and manage the order of events and narratives
  • include appropriate information about each area of study
  • Provide assurance to the reader about the ethical conduct of the study

Importance of Peer Review Pre Submission for Researchers

Pre-submission reviews are essential to maintain the structure, consistency, and standard of a study. Authors get useful insights on where they can make further improvements, what parts of their work should be removed, and what should be added to enhance the beauty of their work. 

From the very first sentence of the abstract to the last sentence of the conclusion, an author needs to constantly engage the readers. If readers are not hooked on the research paper, the chances of it getting published become grim. Therefore, peer reviews help authors maintain the flow of information in the most logical order. 

Some #Examples of Peer Review Suggestions Include;

  • Reviewers may ask the authors to bring a piece of information from the body to the introduction thus giving a better structure to the paper.
  • Authors may be asked to re-state the research objectives or aims to make it more interesting for the readers.
  • Editors may ask the authors to break down long-form paragraphs in smaller sizes to make them more readable and understandable

The focus of a pre-submission peer review service is more on the technical and scientific aspect of a study rather than grammatical. Some more added advantages include;

Provides more than Proofreading

When an author sends a manuscript for submission, they need to make sure that it’s grammatically sound and is error-free. However, just maintaining the grammar and spelling structure is not enough, the overall composition and content of a paper has to be perfect too and peer review pre submission helps in achieving that. 

Saves Time and Cost

A rejection can delay a submission for many months. With JPE submission services, authors can save a lot of their precious time that would otherwise go to proofreading and editing a document again and again. 

Increases Chances of Approval

Pre-submission peer review increases the chance of authors to get published by manifolds. By maintaining the consistency of a paper with submission guidelines, reviewers increase the confidence of researchers in their work.

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