The 8 SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2024
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The 8 SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2024

SEO Trends – Search engine optimization (SEO), as a landscape, is always changing. New technologies and ranking factors are introduced every year to the SERPs, forcing marketers to constantly reevaluate SEO strategies.

We’ll be sharing some expert insights from one of our web marketing consultants along the way. Stay tuned for some expert insight from our web marketing consultant.

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SEO Trends in 2024 That Make Sense

1. Google’s Generative AI Snippets

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the first SEO trend for 2024.

Google’s Search Generative Experience is revolutionizing the way users interact with search results and browse the Internet. People can now get AI-generated snippets within seconds, without ever having to look at the search results. This AI-powered feature searches the Internet within seconds to provide comprehensive answers to simple questions like “best record player.”

This is a significant improvement in Google’s user experience (UX). After all, who doesn’t like an instant answer to their question? The recent launch of Google’s SGE poses some unique challenges to SEOs.

What Does This Mean for Your SEO Strategy by 2024?

Google’s SGE is essentially a supercharged featured snippet. It offers topic summaries and snapshots, as well as suggested follow-up questions, product suggestions, and much more.

2. Video SEO

Do you have a video strategy for SEO in 2024? Video SEO is already in use, as some Google searches display videos at the top of results.

Video content is on the rise. While searchers still prefer traditional web content such as blog posts and articles, video content has also seen a surge. In the U.S., adults spend about 3.5 hours a day watching online videos. It’s no surprise that 86% use video marketing to reach their target audience. What does all this have to do with 2024’s search engine trends?

What Does This Mean for Your SEO Strategy by 2024?

It is important to optimize your video content to improve its SEO. You’ll give your video content a second chance to appear in search results, while also showcasing your multimedia skills.

We suggest that you get out your cameras if you don’t have a video marketing strategy. It’s easy to optimize them for video SEO. In 2024, you can take advantage of the SEO trend by:

  • Making video content that is relevant to your audience
  • Create engaging and relevant video thumbnails
  • Transcripts of video content can make your content more accessible
  • Create Key Moments by adding timestamps to videos that change topics.
  • Add metadata, YouTube tags, and descriptions to videos for better discoverability
  • YouTube keyword tools can help you better understand your audience.

3. Search by Voice and Mobile

Voice search is an easy and quick way to find answers to your search queries. Voice searches account for over one billion monthly searches. By 2024, sales of voice search are expected to reach $60 billion. This is a major SEO trend.

The increased use of mobile voice search like Apple’s Siri will affect how users are shown search results.

What Does This Mean for Your SEO Strategy by 2024?

Optimizing your website to cater to mobile searches and long-tail keywords is the key to leveraging voice search in your SEO. Why? When people use mobile search, they are conversing.

The voice search query could be something like: “Hey Siri! What are some holiday gifts that are under 20 dollars?”

You can increase your visibility in voice searches by optimizing your site for conversational phrases and long-tail keywords. Consider your customers’ perspective and think of common questions that they may ask to find your website. Optimize your header tags with those keywords.

You’ll also want to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly, as most voice searches are done on mobile devices. This includes responsive web design as well as fast page speed.

4. Local SEO

Local search optimization has been an important part of SEO strategy for years, and that won’t change in 2024. Furthermore, Local SEO will be more important in 2024, with a focus on hyper-focused optimizations that target local niche keywords.

What Does This Mean for Your SEO Strategy by 2024?

To optimize your local SEO in 2024, you need to be precise about the areas that you target and maintain your Google My Business profile.

Search engines can help you target highly targeted audiences with hyper-focused local queries. Use tools such as Ahrefs’ keyword research tool or KeywordsFX to target local SEO keywords and find niche local queries.

Enhance your local visibility for your GMB profile by updating your information to reflect your location, areas that you serve, hours of operation, offerings, etc.

Also, you’ll want to focus more on collecting and displaying reviews from customers. SEO in 2024 will reward sites and businesses that can prove their expertise, experience, and credibility. Encourage your clients and customers to write reviews about you.

5. AI Tools

AI has a profound impact on how companies create and manage web content. And AI tools such as ChatGPT and are available to users, allowing them to create web content faster than ever.

What Does This Mean for Your SEO Strategy by 2024?

Other businesses and content teams are likely to use AI copywriting software instead of conducting research and creating content outlines from scratch. This will help them generate content quickly. Use AI writing tools such as ChatGPT or Jasper to help you with the entire content creation process.

  • Researching for you is easy with our help
  • Brainstorming ideas for content
  • Generate a potential content outline
  • Proofreading is a good way to check the content.

6. Multi-channel Optimization

The most important SEO and web marketing trends to look out for in the year 2024 are optimizing your website content to fit different channels. This will allow you to cater to new search methods. Do not get us wrong. Traditional search engines will still be the go-to place for answers to search queries. However, as technology and social networks evolve, people are increasingly turning to other search methods. People are also using alternative search engines like TikTok and Reddit to get information.

What Does This Mean for Your SEO Strategy by 2024?

Businesses must be aware that people are using other search engines besides Google and should optimize their content to suit multiple platforms. They should also expand their SEO data collection to include alternative channels.

Marketers and SEO specialists will be able to get a better picture of the performance of their content across the internet, not only on Google. In 2024, businesses will be able to stay ahead of the emerging search trends by increasing the scope of their marketing efforts. They can also accurately assess the success of SEO campaigns.

7. E-E-A-T

This topic was briefly discussed earlier, but we should mention it again, in greater detail, because it is another important SEO trend for the year 2024: E-E.A.T., or Experience, Expertise Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Search engines increasingly focus on showing users pages with “user-focused” or “helpful” content. Search engines will only consider your content helpful if it demonstrates the four E-E-A.T. aspects.

What Does This Mean for Your SEO Strategy by 2024?

How can you show search engines that you are E-E-A.T? You can do this by following the same best practices that we discussed earlier in our Google SGE discussion:

  • Answering the user’s search intent directly and addressing related queries
  • Experience informs your content
  • Multimedia gives people multiple ways to enjoy your content
  • Signaling authority and trust (awards, bios of authors, case studies, etc.).

8. Demonstrating Topical Authority

Let’s discuss expertise a little more on the subject of E-E.A.T. In 2024, as search engines become increasingly competitive, it will be more important for businesses to demonstrate their topical authority in their industry to outrank their competitors and attract users.

What Does This Mean for Your SEO Strategy by 2024?

It’s not necessary to go viral or reinvent the wheel to demonstrate topical authority for SEO. Instead, you should add elements that will show your expertise and who you are.

Say, for example, you work in manufacturing and have just written a blog on how to create an efficient team or assembly line. Include some information about the reasons you are sharing these tips. You may have worked in manufacturing for over 30 years or you might have worked with high-profile figures.

Be transparent about your identity to your audience. This will help you establish your authority as an expert in your field.

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