Stunning Colour Combinations for Blue Sapphire Jewellery
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Stunning Colour Combinations for Blue Sapphire Jewellery

Jewellery has always been considered to be a woman’s weakness and when we talk about gemstones, that are just what every person dreams of. These days there are various kinds of gemstones available and you can wear them depending on the choice of colours. You can choose from the wide range of colour patterns which are available. Here in this article, we will be discussing primarily about the blue sapphire. What are the colour options that suit this blue sapphire the most and also, we will be suggesting about what are the colours that you must avoid wearing with the blue sapphire jewellery such as a blue sapphire necklace, rings, etc.

Sapphire Blue and Gold

Let us begin our pairing with the most beautiful and royal combination of blue and gold. This is indeed a combination that exudes royalty and sophistication. The beautiful and enchanting blue colour of sapphire beautifully contrasts with the warm hues of gold. This combination creates a luxurious and regal look that just no one can ignore. Whether it’s a day party or an evening get together. This gemstone will just help you in acing all the looks that you might have thought of.

Sapphire Blue and Silver

Silvers are the latest trends. The cool and soothing glow of the silver as well as the blue sapphire matches beautifully and this therefore creates an enchanting and playful look. The cool, metallic shine of the silver matches perfectly with the deep, and enchanting gemstone. This combination results in creating a beautiful and elegant jewellery which can be paired with any dress and will help in completing your outfits without must hassle and pain.

Sapphire Blue and Diamond White

Pure sophistication and bliss can be attained by mixing and matching two beautiful colours which is blue being paired with white. The pairing up of white colour with the blue gemstone radiates an enchanting hue and therefore diamonds are preferred with the sapphires to highlight the beauty of the blue sapphire and at the same time the design appears to be minimalist as well.

Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green

If you are someone looking for a bold and vibrant statement jewellery, one which gathers the attention of the masses, try looking for a mixing and matching jewellery of blue sapphire and the emeralds. The green colour of the emeralds adds to the beauty and charm of any jewellery and accentuates the overall glaze of the jewellery. Whether it’s a pair of earrings or a stunning pendant, getting the blue sapphire earrings matched with the emeralds gemstone adds to the beauty of the earrings and you can wear them with any dress radiating a minimalist touch and splendour.

Sapphire Blue and Coral Pink

Soft pink colour radiates a soft and delicate charm. This is a colour which definitely accentuates the beauty of almost every colour which gets paired with it.  Moreover, the pastel tones are in vogue these days and getting your blue sapphires paired with the pink gemstones will only add to its beauty. Be it a minimalist bracelet or an earring, you can get every jewellery paired up with the soft colour and make them appear much more enchanting and magical.

Colours that Do Not Compliment Blue Sapphires

As discussed above, the sapphire gemstone can be paired with a number of gemstones and metals to create an enchanting and magical look and truly speaking this gemstone compliments a number of colours but, there are a few things which may not look that appealing and therefore you must avoid wearing them together. Avoid pairing your sapphires with the funky colours such as neon green or pink. Additionally, you can avoid wearing the blue sapphires with the printed and bold patterns on metals. This will only degrade the beauty of the gemstone.

Summing Up

Blue sapphire jewellery is a timeless beauty which should be paired carefully in order to bring out the best beauty and elegance of the gemstone. In the above paragraphs we have already explained the various colour combinations which can be used to accentuate the beauty of the gemstone. You must avoid using the few mentioned colours and you will have the most amazing combinations ever.

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