Reasons You Must Need MR Reporting Software
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Reasons You Must Need MR Reporting Software

MR reporting software brings a lot more convenience when it comes to tracking MR’s tasks, locations, working hours, etc. Using it means automating the entire procedure from taking MRs’ attendance to allocating them tasks. 

Various pharmaceutical companies today prefer the use of MR reporting software to effectively track their MRs, inspect their overall performance, and manage their schedules and activities. With features provided in the pharma reporting software, you can do away with manual work and streamline your pharmaceutical operations. 

What is MR Reporting Software?

MR reporting software equips the pharmaceutical industry with the ability to manage their medical representatives on the go. Managers support MRs throughout their working hours via automated task allocation, notifications on the go, and streamlined expense management. Just after MRs log in on their mobile devices to mark their attendance, managers get every precise detail of them, i.e., total distance traveled, task status, and sites visited. 

Significant Reasons to Use MR Reporting Software

MR reporting software is specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry to track, organize, and analyze MRs’ daily activities. It provides features like real-time reporting, planning and scheduling appointments, insightful dashboards, and ad-hoc task allocation, turning it into a necessity in this time and age. 

Discover more about why you must use the MR reporting system to manage your overall pharmaceutical operations. 

  1. Real-time MRs’ Tracking

Updates about MRs’ activities in real-time. Yes, that’s what the MR reporting software offers to managers. They can simply access their web portals and get a holistic view of MRs’ tasks, locations, activities, appointments, and distance traveled. Besides, they get real-time notifications whenever MRs start/end their tasks, clock in/out, request time-offs, etc. This reduces the time and effort of managers to collect, store, and manage this information. 

  1. Insightful Dashboard

A dashboard with numbers, figures, and charts speaks more about businesses’ status. By analyzing its metrics, KPIs, and reports, managers can identify the loopholes and opportunities in their businesses. Idle time detection, average miles traveled, hospital visits, attendance rate, average orders closed per day, etc., are some of the KPIs provided by the MR reporting dashboard. Upon looking at that, managers can analyze their overall business workflow. 

  1.  Streamlined Expense Management

Expense management software solution is another remarkable feature of the MR reporting software. It helps managers manage MRs’ expenses right from the reimbursement claim. Whenever MRs incur expenses while traveling to the task’s site, they upload evidence like bills and invoices in their MR reporting apps. Managers get notifications about reimbursement requests on their web portals. Thereupon, they acknowledge the evidence and initiate the reimbursement procedure. This helps in avoiding the hassle of swiping bills stored in registers.  

  1. Improved Productivity

The MR reporting software helps managers detect underutilized MR, fraudulent working hours, unjustified expense claims, and consistent time theft. With such complete visibility at hand, managers can identify gaps between the procedures and make strategic decisions to fill them. This way they avoid obstacles that disturb their organizations’ productivity.

  1. Distance Traveled by MR

Most MR reporting software like TrackoField comes with a distance traveled report feature. By using this feature, managers can learn how many miles the MR has traveled. Moreover, they can play or replay these reports to verify that MRs have completed all the assigned tasks. This facilitates transparency between managers and MRs. Even MRs dedicatedly handle their tasks when knowing that their activities are monitored at each step. 

  1. Automated Attendance

Saying ‘bye-bye’ to manual attendance marking and static timesheets is possible with MR reporting software and attendance management software. Integrating these two via API brings a lot more options for MRs to mark their attendance after reaching their assigned task sites. They can use geocoded attendance marking, visual verification, biometric attendance marking, etc., and record their attendance with a tap only. 

  1. Simplified Task Allocation

It feels a lot more convenient for managers to allocate tasks to their team members. Managers on their web portals assign tasks to individuals, teams, or groups. Additionally, they can upload tasks in bulk for MRs that they can start after logging in from their devices. At every task upload, MRs receive notifications on their apps. However, managers are notified when their MRs start or complete their tasks. This way both managers and MRs escape the hassle of relying on calls, emails, and messages for task-related updates and seamlessly manage their work. 

To Sum it Up!

So, this is how MR reporting software helps the pharmaceutical industry to streamline its operations. When you have 100s and 1000s of MRs to track, manage, and monitor, this software solution can prove to be a great asset. 

But what is more necessary is to get a 360-degree visibility over your field staff. TrackoField offers various modules like expense, leave, task, order, and attendance management software systems that let managers enjoy complete visibility of their MRs and get insight into the overall business flow. Not to forget, the software also provides an insightful dashboard. By simply looking at it, managers can easily capture metrics for further decision-making.

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