Public Awareness of Breast Implants - Silicone Breast Implants

Public Awareness of Breast Implants – Silicone Breast Implants

Support each other on the beautiful journey of self-discovery. Every woman wants a pair of powerful assets in the form of breasts. Some of them are naturally small and droopy breasts which need some enhancement and upgradation with the natural looking treatments. However, Stepping into power with confidence and grace with the breast enlargement surgery. Breast enlargement surgical procedure brings springtime to life by appealing bust size, defining contour shape, and regaining the lost volume in the asymmetrical order. Provide Public awareness of breast implants: silicone breast implants by encouraging their development. To find out more continue to read!

Silicone breast implants:

Breast implants are artificial pads or solution shells which are inserted into the breast with surgical procedures. plastic surgeon and the team of dermatologists rigorously placed the implant into the distinct region to ensure worthwhile motivational results. Silicone is the widespread implant used in breast enhancement. The most natural-looking way is by utilising silicon gel in the silicon shells and placing it into the breast tissues. If the silicon gel leaks from the shell, it cannot spread and easily refill with the gel into the shell from the implant pocket. The safest, least painful and noticeable outcome makes you look more attractive, charming and hot.

Main purposes of silicone breast implants:

The silicone breast implant is a cosmetic surgical procedure to get the desirable result according to the body’s needs. To empower self-assurance and strong mental health. The main purposes of silicone breast implants are:

  • Enhance the volume and body contour
  • Increase the size and improve the shape
  • Boost confidence with body image and stronger self-esteem
  • Accurately express the gender identity
  • Restore the breast after any mishap like an accident or mastectomy
  • Correcting the alignment on both sides
  • Restore the pre-pregnancy and ageing breast size

How do the implants last?

The implants generally last 10 to 15 years or much longer without any doubt, if performed by an expert at a well-reputed place. The implants are made up of highly durable and stable materials. About 40% – 60% of people worldwide choose this type of implant to get noticeable and improved outcomes.

High grounds for silicone breast implant:

The high-grounds of Silicone Breast Implants in Riyadh are mentioned below:

  • The outcome is the natural and authentic texture of the breast
  • Improve the outward structure like size and unevenness
  • The patient feels the tightness and gets rid of signs of ageing
  • Enhance the appearance and boost up the perfectly shaped confidence
  • A Safest and longest-lasting procedure with little risk involved.
  • Give a symmetrical and healthy perspective to the breast
  • Highest success rate for more than 15 years or even a lifetime.

Risk and side effects:

The risks and defects of silicone breast implants that are associated with the process are released below.

  • The patient feels pain after the surgical procedure
  • Swelling, redness and rashes appear.
  • Scar and disturbance in tissue are absorbed
  • A little sensation, headache and discomfort are reported for a few days
  • In rare cases, a higher level of risk of infection is noticed

Optimal candidate:

The following women are optimal candidates for silicone breast implants:

  • Girls who need to enhance their shape
  • Nominees who have saggy breasts and want some realistic expectations
  • Individuals who need symmetrical results.
  • If tightened the skin will show big areolas by restoring the size
  • Smaller breast girls who need lifted effect and regain confidence
  • Physical and mentally healthy candidates.
  • The patient has fully developed breasts or is above 18 years of age

Pre-care for silicone breast implants:

Firstly, prepare yourself for the treatment and have an initial consultation with the doctor to discuss everything. following are a few preparations for surgery:

  • Get all the tests and evaluations before the start of the surgical procedure 
  • Try to quit smoking and also avoid aspirin intake.
  • All those medicines or herbal products which can increase the blood flow should be stopped.
  • Discuss the beneficial occurrences, and clear all the doubts stuck in your mind.
  • Limiting the amount of sugar and alcoholic beverages in your diet
  • 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least 3 times per day for a week.
  • Take the advisable medicines 
  • Quit smoking or any other drug intake
  • Don’t apply any cream, lotion or perfume on the breast area
  • Fasting the night before the surgery

Work of process:

At the start of the procedure, the surgeon sketches the breast to minimise the risk of any blunder. In the next step, the anaesthesia specialist inserted the injection into the lower back to reduce the chances of hardship. Clean the breast region and make an incision of 3 to 4 cm to place the implant. The tissues are smoothly folded and create a pocket-like area by using the electrocautery device and stop the bleeding by burning the this point, the suggested technique is implemented. A silicon pad implants into the tissues and after positioning the same process is repeated on the other side of the breast to make it balanced. At the end close the incision through stitches which are not removable. The complete surgical procedure lasts 45 -60 minutes.

Post-operative instructions:

Post-operative instructions are important to get a favourable outcome. The instructions given by the surgeons must be followed which are:

  • Try to wear a support bra for 6 weeks to recover better.
  • Wear front buttoned shirts, loose fit clothes and refrain from moving the arms.
  • Sleep with your head and elevate your chest for the first 2 weeks
  • Keep yourself hydrated, eat healthy and well-balanced food to recover fast
  • Avoid any intense activity and exercise for a few days
  • Take care of the incision otherwise the risk of infection will be increased
  • A little redness and swelling are at the peak for 3 to 4 days which fade out shortly
  • Don’t smoke or drink, It reduces the blood flow and disturbs the healing process

Recovery time and results:

The healing process depends on aftercare but about 21 to 30 days are enough for complete recovery. if the patient feels any disturbance or discomfort visit the expert for follow-up. The result is up to the mark of a proper shape and a toned body type is visible. thus, silicone breast implants fruitfully give outcomes to the patient and enhance self-possession.

Expenditure for silicone breast implant:

The total expenditure of silicone breast implants varies from person to person. The final amount will be decided after the therapeutics. So, many factors are involved in raising the price of the process.

Factors of cost: 

Several factors also affect the standard price of surgery some of them are:

  • The size of the silicone implanted pad depends on the patient’s condition and the need affects the price.
  • Our highly experienced practitioners with their expert staff may demand higher fees with an impact on the price
  • The rate of the clinic and facilities provided to the patients, location, and modern equipment cost high payments.
  • Treated area, application of anaesthesia and complexity level raise the cost.
  • Pieces of equipment and some additional expenses will impact the overall rates of surgical procedures.

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