Principles of Outstanding Logo Design Excellence
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Principles of Outstanding Logo Design Excellence

Logos hold some power indeed. That power lies in branding, identity, and recognition. They help customers identify a brand or a company by seeing the logo design. Logo designers know that their objective is to create a logo intended to carry the message it should convey. To the audience. Logo designers approach them using a mix of thread, dread, anxiety, fear, and pride.

Thankfully there are principles and rules in making logos that are worth their buck and also definitely worth this value of investment added to it too. Thankfully there are rules and principles that not only explain how many logos to make what they are depend on the company and its branding. They are instrumental in being the guiding force in developing effective logos.

Once designers have taken the time to understand what should the logo say, whom it should address, and means to the most; then they can start the work. The logo design cost is also calculated during this stage.

Let us now have a key look at the principles of logo design:

Simplicity should not be overlooked

The best logos which give viewers an immediate sense of what the company is are free from clutter, and clean logos. Though clean doesn’t mean colorless or transparent, it means a logo that is legible and understandable.

Logos are used in a variety of ways and in various ways too. They will also be used in various formats and on various platforms. When they are used, they are used in a method where fine details are hardly recognizable.

A strong logo has only a handful of elements that are easily identifiable and key to what is being communicated. If logos have elements that do not contribute well, they should be removed immediately.

The logo should be memorable

Logos should be easily recalled after one glance. A glance is what is needed from people to recognize a logo in an instant.

Like most symbols, logos should stand for something singular and individual. They should be easily recalled especially after a person looks at them. This is how people can describe the elements of a logo (Toyota, Tesla, Honda, and Ford have simple and identifiable logos). 

Logos that are complicated and have many parts and pieces forming them (as well as being overly stylized) are difficult for people to identify and understand. Hence they will be dismissed easily.

Logos should have a sense of originality in them

No company should ever go for a me-too logo. Meaning they shouldn’t copy others. Companies must research the industry and look for patterns so they can avoid mimicking the logos of others. 

The telecommunications industry uses globes a lot, whereas the electronics and tech industries use logos with swooshes. Similarly, Dentists and dentistry businesses use logos featuring smiles, medicine, and teeth.

The logo should be modern yet timeless

Modern and timeless logos are a boon. Yet the logo should not be excessively modern and it begins to look silly. A good example is the logo of General Motors. The previous one was better but the new one is very bad.

Modern logos are different from trendy logos. A trend is hot today and will eventually run out of steam tomorrow. Trendy is also not always good. This is why modern on the other hand is less stylized, more controlled, and smart. It captures the relevant characteristics of modern times without losing its essence in detail.

Modern logos should have a contemporary touch but should not be immersed in nonsensical components that eventually are rendered obsolete. Professionals from a Logo Design Company in Dubai stress using a modern approach with specific elements, colors, and fonts.

Some logos have changed over time but with minor amendments. They only did so to appeal to modern buyers and users. Essential elements are intact. Examples are Burger King, Starbucks, and UPS.


Key principles of outstanding logo design have been discussed. These principles help lay the basis for modern and recognizable logos. No logo should be lost in adding excess elements that it loses its essence. Moreover, they should be recognizable in an instant. Good logos are instantly recognizable by people. Logos with excess elements are hence lost. Simplicity, memorability, and versatility are also crucial factors to consider in logo design, ensuring that the logo remains effective across various platforms and scales.

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