In-depth Tutorial Export/Shift Contacts from Excel Sheet to WhatsApp

As is well known, millions of users worldwide use WhatsApp as their primary messaging app. Every day, text messages, videos, gifs, photos, documents, and even phone calls are sent and received using smartphones. Additionally, it works with a variety of mobile operating systems, including Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. However, consider the scenario when you have several contacts on an Excel sheet and you want to export contacts to WhatsApp but don’t know how to accomplish it. Be at ease! All of your questions about it will be answered on this page.


So, to discover the full method of adding several contacts to WhatsApp groups, continue reading this text to get all the answers. Let’s examine the causes of how to export Excel contacts to WhatsApp first, though, before getting straight to the fix.

Need to export contacts to WhatsApp from Excel

Users seek to convert Excel files to WhatsApp contact lists for a variety of reasons. Several of them are mentioned below.

  • It facilitates communication between users by making file sharing of photographs, music, movies, and other types simple.
  • Users won’t have to waste time or effort manually storing numerous contact data points thanks to this.
  • Excel is not as user-friendly as WhatsApp.
  • Your WhatsApp chat is extremely safe because of its end-to-end encryption feature.

Even with an understanding of all the causes, customers still have questions, such as “How do I export Excel spreadsheet contacts?” Could you use Excel to import contacts into WhatsApp? We have provided the finest potential remedy for the same in the section below.

How Can My Excel Contacts be Export to WhatsApp?

Tragically, there isn’t an intuitive way to export contacts from Excel to WhatsApp. It is possible to convert Excel contacts into vCard files and then import a VCF file into WhatsApp. The GainTools Address Book Manager Software is what we advise using for this. Excel spreadsheets can be convert into Vcard files using this extremely sophisticated method. To make the conversion quick and efficient, the program also provides several sophisticated capabilities. In addition, the software’s user-friendly design makes it accessible to everyone, including those without a technical background.

How to Use the Tool for Address Book Manager Software:

  • Utilize the original website to download the program.
select import export contacts
  • Launch the utility and choose the XLS contacts after the application has been installed.
  • Before beginning the conversion procedure, view the whole Excel contact file.
choose file format
  • Select the directory where you wish to store newly created VCF contacts.
  • Once all the procedure have been complete, click “Convert” to begin converting Excel contacts to VCF files.
click next button

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Finest & Best Features of this Application:

  • Safe & Secure: Users can safely export Excel files to the VCF file format with this advanced application. This software can export multiple Excel contacts to WhatsApp without harming the original contacts.
  • Working with all Windows OS: The application can work with all Windows OS editions. Users can download this application on any older and newest Windows OS.
  • Preview Features: The software provides a complete preview of Excel contacts before converting them into the VCF file format.
  • Save Destination Location: Users have the choice of preserving their exported data as per the required location on the desktop.
  • Free Demo Edition: The application can also give a free trial edition to every user so that they can check out the new features and functions of this tool.
  • Split & Merge VCF File: The application has another fantastic feature that users can also use to split and merge VCF contacts as per their preferences. The tool can merge multiple small contacts into one without needing extra software. The program also splits a single VCF contact into multiple contact files.
  • Export VCF contacts into Various Formats: If users want to export VCF contacts into various file formats, then they can also export via this application. Get the software now!!!

Locating the Final Thoughts,

Users can discover the expert technique for converting xls contacts to WhatsApp in this article. With a few mouse clicks, the expert utility can save many Excel contacts to a VCF file format. Users won’t experience any issues downloading this program on any Windows OS version. Any size Excel contact can be choose by users to be save in WhatsApp. Download this program’s free demo version.

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