How to Transfer Your Crypto from Robinhood to a Secure Wallet
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How to Transfer Your Crypto from Robinhood to a Secure Wallet

Using the self-custody Robinhood Wallet software. You can save and handle your cryptocurrency on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Dogecoin, Polygon, a sense of optimism and Basic networks.

 It serves as your connection to web3. You have complete control over your cryptocurrency holdings using Robinhood Wallet since you are the owner of the private keys.

Make a fresh wallet.

  • Choose Make a fresh wallet.
  • Choose Use Touch ID or Face ID, or Make a unique PIN.
  • Choose Make a backup to iCloud, Make a manual backup of it, or Skip to support it later.
  • Choose Activate the alerts or Perhaps later to activate later
  • Choose Come on, let’s go

Since saving up your wallet is the only way to restore it and your cryptocurrency in the event that you misplace or reset your device, we highly advise doing so.

You can backup your wallet afterwards using Backups & Security if you forgot to do so when you created it. Check to “Back up your wallet” for other process.

Bring in your current wallet.

Using the hidden restoration word from your current wallet. You may load a present Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Doge Coin, the others. Polygon, Optimism, or Basic wallet into Robinhood Wallet.

Choose Bring in your current wallet.

  • You have two options: individually entering the secret recovery phrase or copy and paste it.
  • Choose Import.
  • Choose Proceed
  • Choose Use Touch ID or Face ID. Make a unique PIN.
  • Choose Make a backup to iCloud, Make a manual backup of it, or Skip to support it later.
  • Choose Activate alerts, or consider turning them on later.
  • Choose Come on, let’s go

Refer to how to fund the account with Robinhood Crypto for more data on Robinhood: Stocks & Crypto.

Get your wallet back.

You can get a wallet that you previously backed up to your iCloud.

  • Choose Get your wallet back from iCloud.
  • To unlock the backup. Input the password.
  • Choose “Recover wallet.”
  • Choose Make a unique PIN or use Face/Touch ID.
  • Click Proceed.

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To finance your Robinhood Wallet. You can move cryptocurrency from a Robinhood Digital account. Transferring supported cryptocurrency over Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Arbitrum, Polygon, as well Optimism, or Base will be an alternative for you. The supported cryptocurrency list appears in the Robinhood Account as you fund it.

  • Homepage → Main → Robinhood Transfer
  • Select a cryptocurrency to send.
  • Select a network.
  • Put the transfer amount in here.
  • Choose Review → Send in
  • From your the authentication tool app. Input your only once code.
  • To go back to Robinhood Wallet app. Choose it.


For token swaps. Robinhood does not yet charge a service fee. Changes may be made to the fees.

Blockchain transaction handling fees are known as network fees or gas fees. Your purchase is sent to the network together with these necessary fees.

These costs vary according to that network’s amount of transactions, verification time, and transaction size. Visit Here and Know Information about Robinhood: Stocks & Crypto.

 Concluding Remarks

To move cryptocurrency from Robinhood to a wallet, learn the ins and outs of Robinhood’s cryptocurrency wallet. Be mindful of the transfer procedure. And understand its benefits and drawbacks. Sending cryptocurrency to the incorrect wallet address. Ignoring transaction fees, and delivering unsupported cryptocurrency are critical errors to stay clear of.

Recall that careful attention to detail and patience are needed for a successful transfer. Since network overload might cause transactions to take longer than expected. Your crypto transfer with Robinhood can be safe and easy if you abide by these rules. Get Information Robinhood: Stocks & Crypto read this Blog.

Can I transfer crypto from Robinhood to a wallet?

Sending cryptocurrency to Robinhood or to other cryptocurrency wallets from your Robinhood account is possible. You won’t ever be charged fees for deposits or withdrawals, and it’s safe and easy. In some states, availability could be contingent upon regulatory approval. There are still network fees.

How do I transfer my Robinhood crypto to trust wallet?

Visit the cryptocurrency’s details page.
Click Send.
Enter the desired amount to send.
Paste the recipient wallet’s cryptocurrency address.
Choose Review → Send.

Can I transfer crypto from Robinhood to ledger?

Make sure you can send and receive cryptocurrency on Robinhood before transferring it from the app to a Ledger cold wallet. Next, launch Robinhood, select “Send,” type in the desired amount, insert the wallet address from your Ledger, and finish the transaction.

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