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How to apply for Joint Mortgage with less interest rates in the UK?

If you plan to purchase a home with your friends, family or spouse, you need a joint mortgage. You, with a partner, will take out money for this purpose. It does not matter with whom you are partnering.

You both will be joint owners of the house. Besides, you two will be responsible for paying the mortgage as well. This is indeed risky borrowing as you will have to deal with someone else’s debt at the same time.

You will be taking out debts against your property. Thus, think twice as non-payments will result in the repossession of your assets. Getting joint mortgages at cheaper rates in the UK might seem like a huge task.

Facing a few conditions when getting mortgages is obvious when you want rates to be within your control. To be able to compare rates smartly, you need someone experienced. An online mortgage broker can help you come closer to a lender offering fair deals.

These intermediaries have the required expertise to suggest which mortgage offer has the best prices. This means that they are well aware of the lenders and their offerings. You do not have to do any legwork for this. 

How do you ensure getting the best rates with a joint mortgage?

As a co-borrower, each of you should be meeting the lending criteria. Otherwise, going ahead with the application will not be possible. Repayment will be made to both of you, so you had better be careful.

In case your partner fails to make up for the loan payments, you have to cover the whole amount. Thus, the liability will be on you if they do not turn up to clear share of payments. Here, you will share ownership of the house. 

Now comes the question, “how to apply for a joint mortgage with lower interest rates?”. A few factors will determine whether or not you can downsize the cost of your mortgage.

  • Seeking pre-approval

How to know which joint mortgage provider you should approach? Either you can approach a broker all by yourself or must seek pre-approval from lenders. It lets you collect different offers and compare them on the go. 

This way, you can check the rates offered by different mortgage providers. Furthermore, you can stack each offer against the other and make the decision. There is no compulsion on you to pick the offer.

This is because pre-approval follows a soft check that has no impact on your credit scores. Besides, you can deny the offers if the price aspect does not match your expectations. Thus, by comparing, you can make sure that the lowest price is the same as your mortgage.

  • Provide a suitable amount of deposit

Usually, the lender might ask you to provide a 10% deposit. Now, the size of the deposit is a determining factor when it comes to getting a joint mortgage at better rates. This clearly indicates that the greater the size of the deposit, the lesser the risk factor for the lender.

For this reason, the likelihood of getting low interest rates is higher with more deposits. It is like an assurance that makes the lender confident about your repayment capability. Deposit is needed to minimise the risk and improve the chances of getting better rates.

If you have collected a sizeable amount of deposit, you enter a comparatively better position. How does the lender make sure about your deposit? To do so, you must submit proof from the source of the deposit.

Although you are applying for a joint mortgage, the deposit does not need to come from a joint account. It could be from any one of your accounts. You can even do what is necessary to gather enough deposit. 

Divide responsibilities between you two so that it can be a smooth experience for you.

  • Keep your credit score clean

One of the underrated factors that can play a critical role in lowering the cost of the mortgage. The borrowers might get confused between its impact on the approval decision and the rate of interest. While you do not have to bother about the former, the latter can help you in ensuring better rates.

Thus, getting fair rates should not be difficult if you have a good credit history. Since you have a co-applicant, your credit scores should be favourable. If not both, at least one of you should have perfect credit scores. 

However, if you cannot get the desired rates, you must try improving your credit scores. Check if your credit report has any blot on it. In that case, figure out what has happened wrong in your case. 

If pending payments are the culprit in your case, try saving money so that you can clear them off. This way, you can climb up the credit score ladder gradually.

  • The employment situation of you both

Your provider will be keen to find out whether you both are earning suitable income. This is to ensure that you can pay back the mortgage debt within the specified time. Therefore, assessing your employment situation is necessary.

It tells the lender about your income and can help them determine your affordability. This is about your financial behaviour, i.e. whether you are managing current expenses responsibly. It is a good sign if you can pay off all the outgoings with your income.

Besides, it becomes crucial for you to evaluate whether all the expenses are meaningful. If possible, curtail some of the payouts to make room for savings. Without it, repaying on time will be tricky. 

If you both have stable earning status, getting expected rates that should fit your budget is effortless. 

The bottom line

The disparity between rates in the case of joint mortgages and single mortgages is negligible. However, the influence of some factors that might apply to the former is undeniable. The biggest perk of buying a home jointly by taking out a mortgage is that your savings will club together.

This enhances the probability of putting up a bigger deposit. This is because both of your financial resources will be involved. With that, you can pretty much make sure about getting favourable rates. 

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