How Do I Import NSF Files into Multiple File Formats?
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How Do I Import NSF Files into Multiple File Formats?

On the subject of how to import NSF Files into multiple File Formats, users should be aware that Lotus Notes NSF files should be transferred into multiple file formats. The obvious reason is that .pst is the proprietary file format used by the Microsoft Outlook desktop mail software. However, there is no direct way to convert NSF files to multiple file formats. As a result, users must employ a variety of techniques to transfer Lotus Notes data items such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and so on via the Outlook email software.


“Hello! I use Lotus Notes. But, owing to work requirements, I must migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook. As I am new to MS Outlook, I am unsure about the NSF files to export because there are several Note database files. But I need to convert all of my data, including emails, calendars, tasks, notes, and so on, to a PST file. “I need an effective solution to help me convert NSF to PST file format.”

Benefits of the Microsoft Outlook Mail Service

Outlook is a popular and frequently used email application that provides the ability to operate offline.

Provides many tools for handling all database elements.

In comparison to IBM Lotus Notes, it has more comprehensive security measures for saving databases.

Microsoft Outlook requires less maintenance, but Lotus Notes’ upkeep is prohibitively expensive.

The MS Outlook email program is more user-friendly than any other application.

Outlook is the most familiar email application among its users.

Outlook is well-known for its multitasking capabilities, which is one of its main features.

Manual Method to Export Lotus Notes HCL Files to Outlook

These methods will assist you to help convert IBM Notes to Outlook file format.

Method 1: Through Lotus Notes Client –

First, transfer the emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook. And for that, you’ll want to use the Lotus Notes export option, which allows you to save emails from Lotus Notes to CSV files. Later, you can load this CSV file into Outlook to finish the export of emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook.

Step 1: Move Emails from Lotus Notes to CSV Format

  1. To export emails from Lotus Notes to CSV format, follow these steps:
  2. Launch Lotus Notes email client and navigate to Mail. Then, select File > Export to launch the Export wizard.
  3. Select Tabular/Structured Text. This is the CSV format that MS Outlook supports.
  4. Click Continue, and then Export. All of your emails will be exported to the destination place you specify.

Step 2: Import CSV into Microsoft Outlook.

  • Run MS Outlook on the system where you want to transfer the Lotus Notes emails.
  • Then, select File > Open & Export > Import/Export option.
  • Select Import from another software or file and hit the next button.
  • Opt for Comma Separated Values and then click next.
  • After that, navigate to the directory where you store the CSV file exported from IBM Notes.
  • Choose the.csv file and then navigate to the destination email folder where you want to import the emails.
  • Click on ‘Next’, then click.

Important Note: This strategy requires access to the IBM Notes program. Furthermore, it does not transfer email attachments, formatting, or other information such as contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and so on from Lotus Notes to Outlook. So, if you wish to import Lotus Notes emails to Outlook with attachments and formatting, as well as all other mailbox objects like Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Journals, Calendars, and so on, you must first convert the Lotus Notes NSF file to PST. Then import it into Microsoft Outlook. The procedure is discussed in the next section.

An Instant Solution: Using the NSF Converter Tool to Convert NSF to Multiple File Formats

To replace the manual procedure, I’d like to offer you another third-party software called TrustVare NSF Converter Tool. It is the greatest program for converting numerous Lotus Notes emails to multiple file formats, including all emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and attachments, with no problems. Easy interface; both expert and non-technical users may easily operate and comprehend the process of importing NSF files into multiple file formats without the assistance of a technical professional. This freeware allows users to transfer numerous NSF files to multiple file formats, such as PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, etc. The Lotus Notes email software must be installed before proceeding with the migration process.

  • With the aid of this program, one may quickly grasp the software’s operating instructions without assistance.
  • It worked with all versions of Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Windows OS.
  • This program offers customers a variety of complex and unique capabilities, including batch data conversion, date filtering, an intuitive interface, a selective migration procedure, a demo version, and many more advanced features for easy and fast migration.

Step-by-Step Instructions for NSF Converter Software:

  1. Download and install the NSF Converter software.
  2. Simply launch the software and add the NSF file you want to convert.
  3. Get the preview facility and pick the mailboxes to convert.
  4. Choose a file format to convert the NSF file.
  5. Now, press the Browse option to set your destination.
  6. Click on the “Convert Now” button to begin converting NSF file data to PST or other formats.

The Final Words

Users frequently feel the urge to Import NSF Files into Multiple File Formats. However, each of these email apps allows distinct file types. This is why it is difficult to open any property on many email service providers. The free way for forwarding Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook has been discussed. The preceding blog article also mentions a third-party utility.

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