Everything you need to know about the overbite and its treatment process

Everything you need to know about the overbite

Overbite has become the most common problem of a lot of people. The methods of correcting the problem has come up and people are getting more used to with braces. Read to know more about the types of procedures you need.

Overbite issues and methods of correcting them

Overbite is the most common problem people are facing nowadays. Overbite is the condition of your teeth when there’s a gap between the top and bottom front teeth. Overbite does create many problems and thus people are trying to find out solutions to cure it. With years of researching, dentists have come up with a solution to correct the overbite problems. Now, the most common choice for the correction is putting the braces on. It works gradually and effectively to straighten the teeth.

For those who are having mild overbite, it can be treated easily with invisalign. You can consult with an Invisalign braces clinic in London and they will arrange A clear aligners for your teeth.

For all those who are still wondering what is overbite…

Overbite is the vertical overlap between the top and bottom front teeth. Overjet is also a condition of overbite where the upper teeth protrude at the front of the mouth. Overjet also causes a vertical gap between the upper and lower teeth. If the gap between your teeth 2-4mm and your lower teeth is 30% covered, it is totally normal. Deep malocclusion happens when your teeth is overlapping with a distance of 4-6mm. A lot of severe cases result into hiding the lower teeth completely and digging into the lower gums.

Overbite takes place in two forms, either horizontally or vertically.

What causes overbite?

A lot of causes contribute to malocclusion. Some of the most common reasons being:

  • Overusing a bottle or dummy as a baby
  • Genetics
  • Nail biting
  • Excessive chewing of pencils and pens
  • Sucking thumb as a child
  • Improper formation of jaw as a fetus
  • Tongue thrusting

There are two types of malocclusion we see. One is skeletal and another is dental. Skeleton types happen because of the irregularities in the jawbone construction. Dental types happen when the baby has issues in adult teeth coming through (like overcrowding). Other bad habits like thumb sucking can also contribute heavily to dental types malocclusion.

What is the difference between malocclusion and underbite

moderate Overbite is the cause of upper jaw sitting over the lower teeth, whereas underbite causes the lower teeth to sit on the upper front teeth.

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A lot of people ask if they can start with the treatment of an overbite. Under the malocclusion treatment, the dentist will have a look at the severity of the cases and if the patient really need any treatment. For the normal overbite, the teeth can be straightened through treatment with Invisalign braces.

A quick guide on the types of malocclusion

  • If the malocclusion is in the normal types it means you have a gap of 2-4mm, the causes are usually dental and thus you are unlikely to get a brace for such types.
  • If the size of the malocclusion is 4-8mm then you have deep types of mild overbite. Such types are caused by either dental or skeletal. It is very likely to have a treatment which requires braces for 22 hours at least.
  • Under severe cases, the size expands to 9mm or more. These are caused by either dental or skeletal. In such cases you are mandatory to go with the braces.

Why you need to fix your overbite problem!

As such malocclusion doesn’t causes problem unless you are in the deep or severe type cases. You might have issue with your biting or talking. In fact it heavily affects the personality as well. Living with such an malocclusion issue causes the person to lose self confidence and thus remain coward in facing big obstacles.

It is absolutely a good idea to fix the overbite issue. If left untreated it might cause:

  • Speech problems
  • Poor face structure
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Teeth wearing down quickly
  • Facial pain

The more quickly you start the treatment, the more effective it would be to fix your malocclusion problems. When you grow up, your jawbone starts to firmly develop and thus it will create a little discomfort while having your treatment at such an age.

The surgical process might scare a lot of individuals but if you want to retain your self confidence back, a slight discomfort won’t bother you much.

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When you have the normal overbite, it isn’t the matter for concern. True problems come when you have deep or severe overbite. After the dentist knows your situation, rest assured that he knows which treatment would be best suitable for you. Don’t panic to realize that you have either deep or severe types as living in 2019, the solution is readily available for the correction of your overbites.

Braces for overbite

Normal Overbite conditions can be treated with braces. Braces work gradually to straighten the teeth. When braces are followed by Chatfield Dental Braces , London Dentist retainers provider , it gives lifelong result. The treatment can last up to 1-2 years. It can even take longer than 2 years depending upon your condition. The Normal bucktooth correction can happen with the treatment with Invisalign braces.


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