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chocolate delivery

A chocolate lover’s guide to heartwarming Valentine’s Day gifts

It is coming close to Valentine’s Day and in order to celebrate love, there could nothing else other than a universally acclaimed gift of chocolates. You are in luck if your significant other has a sweet tooth as chocolate comes under different shapes and flavours. This year, why not surprise your one special person of a chocolate themed Valentine’s Day gift? We have compiled a list of six mouth-watering items that will help you determine the best gift. From the nut-chocolate enthusiast to traditional chocolate aficionado, there is a choice for everyone. Valentine chocolate delivery is a nice way to express affection and gratitude toward that special somebody in your life.

For your nutty-chocolate lover:

Does your spouse go crazy over chocolate? If yes, you may want to give them a variety of gourmet chocolate bars enriched with different nuts. Using almonds and hazelnuts, macadamias or even pecans alone can equal the combination of crunchy nuts with smooth velvety chocolates. There are also artisanal chocolate brands that provide interesting flavor combinations such as dark chocolate with roasted pistachios and milk chocolate combined with caramelized walnuts. To complement the gift, add a charming nutcracker or an attractive bowl for nuts.

For your quirky chocolate lover: 

If your partner is playful and quirky, consider doing something other than giving them a box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Try amazing chocolate flavours that come in whimsical and innovative shapes. Chocolate-covered strawberries cut like hearts, lips or even pets also can lend a sense of wit to your event. In the same way, certain chocolatiers create chocolate with unconventional fillings such as edible glitter or popping candy and even spicy peppers for some excitement. These funny sweets will definitely leave your chocolate lover happy. You can send chocolates online to your distant partner as a surprise, or if plans involve staying home for some intimate moments.

For your bitter-sweet chocolate lover: 

For such people, a box of quality dark chocolate is the optimal choice. With its deep and complex cocoa flavours, dark chocolate is a treat for the seasoned palate. Consider using several dark chillies depending on the various geographical areas to illustrate the flavor differences. Alternatively, you could experiment with different levels of cocoa percentages ranging from 70% to 90% and above. In order to finish the gift, add a tasting guide that would enable your sweetheart to enjoy every bar’s subtlety.

For your nutty-berry chocolate lover: 

A gift that blends the taste and texture of chocolate, nuts, and berries will be a lovely holiday season treat. Whether they are chocolate-covered strawberries, blueberry or cherry ones these sweets have a perfect harmony between sweetness and sourness; creaminess and crisp. Some artisanal chocolatiers also make special chocolate bark, a potpourri of dried fruits and mixed nuts. This gift will be appreciated by people who love the contrast of tastes and revel in the unexpected joy of discovering a new ingredient with each bite.

For your dark chocolate lover: 

Dark chocolate enthusiasts have a deep passion for the unmixed taste of cocoa. For a more genteel palate, choose an extravagant gift such as dark chocolate tasting. Find a variety of single-origin dark chocolate bars, which come from different areas where cocoa is produced. These bars will demonstrate the distinctive terroir and flavor notes of each region, making it possible for your partner to tour by chocolate across continents from home. Provide a matching set of classy tasting glasses and an instruction booklet to round off the present for a truly fascinating gift.

For your classic chocolate lover:

For others, nothing could match the classic milk chocolate and traditional treats. For about classic chocolate lover, assemble a gift basket full of their favorite treats. Make provisions for products such as milk chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered pretzels and cookies dipped in chocolates. Alternatively, you can also add a hot cocoa mix or a box of gourmet chocolate chip cookies to give it that warm and comforting feel. Make the basket personal by adding a handwritten note to convey your feelings of love and gratitude for that special person.

For your pistachio chocolate lover: 

If your partner is a pistachio lover, there’s an entire world of chocolates flavoured with milk and nuts waiting to be explored. Therefore, pistachio and chocolate are an inseparable combination as the nutty flavor that is slightly salty brings into focus something sweet with regards to chocolates. Find handmade bars of pistachio chocolate, pralines made from roasted pistachios or even bonbons containing a filling with the nuts. To make the gift more memorable, you can also package it in a pistachio-themed wooden box or tin.


The chocolate lover of your life deserves to be pampered this Valentine’s Day with a gift that will make his or her heart melt. They may like the nutty crunch of almonds, quirky chocolates, complex dark cocoa or a blend nuts and berries while others will simply enjoy classic milk chocolate as well as irresistible combination of pistachios and chocolate; in any case there is nothing better for these individuals than an ideal gift representing their favorite type of treats. While deciding on a perfect gift, keep in mind that it is the thought and attention you put into this item as your special present to them which most determines how warmly both of you will enjoy Valentine’s Day.


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