7 Ways to Decorate a Room for an Event(Using Only Roses)

7 Ways to Decorate a Room for an Event(Using Only Roses)

While flowers are a classic way to brighten up any space, not everyone has experience working with live blooms for decorations. Roses in particular may seem fiddly or prickly to handle. However, with a few simple techniques, even novice flower arrangers can create lovely rose décor for an event. As one of the most abundant and beloved garden flowers, roses are readily available and affordable during warmer seasons. 

Whether you have a party, get-together, or another special function coming up, these rose decoration styles are sure to please guests and enliven the space beautifully.

1. Create a Rose Garland

One cheap and easy decoration is making a rose garland. All you need is rose flowers in St Paul mn, string or thin wire, and scissors. Cut the stems of the roses so they are all roughly the same short length, around 3-4 inches. Then string them onto the cord or wire one by one, securing each rose in place with a simple knot or twist. Drape the finished garland along a fireplace mantel, around picture frames hanging on the walls, or lay it across a table as a centerpiece. The garland will brighten the whole room with its flowery touches.

2. Fill Vases with Roses

One classic way to showcase roses is by putting bouquets in vases. Look around your home and gather any vases, jars, or pitchers you have in different shapes and sizes. Fill each container with fresh roses from your garden or a local flower shop in St Paul mn. Place the vases in strategic locations around the room like on side tables, the kitchen counter, or window sills. Having roses scattered throughout will make the space cheerful and smell delightful. Make sure to change out the bouquets halfway through your event to keep the blooms looking fresh.

3. Construct a Rose Wall Hanging

Get creative and hang roses on the wall like artwork. Just get some from a nearby St Paul florist, now with scissors, carefully cut long rose stems, leaving 1-2 inches still attached. Secure these stems onto a piece of thick paper, canvas, or lightweight fabric using hot glue or floral tape. Start with a single rose in the center, then artistically arrange additional flowers winding outwards in a swirling pattern. Once dried, hang your new rose wall hanging anywhere for a beautiful decorative touch. 

4. Make Rose Centerpiece Frames

Transform picture frames into elegant centerpieces. Remove any photos inside ordinary frames. Line the inside edges with floral foam soaked in water. Then push whole rose stems securely into the foam. Add more roses around the outer frame until the whole inner space if filled with colorful blooms. Display these on tables for guests to appreciate up close during your event. The frames produce a polished centerpiece using just garden flowers.

5. Incorporate Rose Accent Pieces

Accent your room with roses here and there for a cohesive floral motif. Maybe set out a tray of rose potpourri for guests to smell. Or display scented rose soaps or candles as attractive extras. You could even sprinkle rose petals on the tables or floor as a nice floral touch people can step on. Tie loose roses with ribbons onto party favors. These little rose additions provide visual interest all around.

6. Make Rose Wreaths

Hanging wreaths on the walls or doors is a classic decorative element. Start with getting some roses from a nearby Inver Grove Heights flower shop and a pre-made grapevine wreath as the base form. Glue or wire individual rose stems onto the wreath, overlapping flowers as you go around in a spiral pattern. Add green foliage like ivy, ferns, or eucalyptus leaves mixed with the blooms for visual contrast. Display your DIY wreaths as beautiful rose-filled accents that people will love seeing.

7. Try a Rose Photo Booth

For photo fun at your party, create a rose photo booth area. Gather props like rose crowns, boas, and large cut-out paper roses. Provide a backdrop with bold floral prints too. Let guests pose amidst the rose decorations for silly or styled selfies everyone will enjoy snapping. They can take home printed pictures remembering your lovely rose-themed event for years afterward.

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