5 Signs That Your Fuel Injection System Needs Service
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5 Signs That Your Fuel Injection System Needs Service

‍Your car’s fuel injection system constantly checks, balances, and rechecks itself to deliver your engine the most efficient power possible. Every time you drive, the pressure of regular use damages the components in your system. When this happens, you might experience a drop in engine performance or notice that your car doesn’t perform as well on the highway. But before you jump to conclusions and assume that your car requires expensive repairs, check for the following warning signs. 

Abnormal Fuel Pressure or Fuel Injector Cleaning: If you notice any of these signs on your own, it’s a good idea to get your car checked by a professional mechanic: 

1. Slow to Warm Up

When you start your car, the fuel injection system should send a small amount of fuel to your engine to warm it up. If the engine starts but doesn’t reach the normal operating temperature for several minutes, you might have a slow-to-warm-up problem. Your car isn’t properly warmed up, it might run low on fuel, causing stalling, pinging, and poor fuel economy.

  • The smell of Fuel or Gasoline

If your car’s fuel injection system has begun to fail, the fuel’s vapours might leak into your intake system. The fuel might also leak onto the intake manifold, which mixes with the air-fuel mixture before reaching the engine. The result is a distinct gasoline or diesel gasoline smell in your car. You might also notice a diesel gasoline smell if your car has a diesel engine. The presence of gasoline or diesel gasoline in your car can damage the engine and the components in your fuel system, including the fuel tank. If your car smells of fuel or has leaked fuel, get it checked by a mechanic immediately.

2. Dropped Idle

Most fuel injection systems work with a mixture of fuel and air as the piston in your engine draws in air and delivers the resulting power to your wheels. When the engine is idling, the fuel in the air-fuel mixture is at its most efficient, so it generates the most power with the least fuel. If your idle drops, your car pulls less power from the engine than it could. This could be due to a sluggish fuel system, low fuel pressure, or a damaged fuel filter. If your car idles lower than it used to and you haven’t changed your car’s fuel system, get it checked out by a mechanic.

3. Erratic Acceleration

Driving with a damaged fuel injection system is like driving with a seriously misfiring engine. Every time you accelerate, the system has to work hard to deliver power to your wheels. If the system is damaged, the acceleration might be off and off-kilter, causing you to fear hitting the car in front of you or struggling to pass slower traffic. If your car accelerates erratically, get it checked out by a mechanic. A damaged fuel system could be the cause.

4. Stall When Stopping

A damaged fuel injection system is like a detuned engine. It can’t deliver the power generated by your wheels without generating excessive heat or wasting fuel. When you come to a stop, the car’s wheels come to a sudden stop. This forces the fuel injection system to deliver power to the engine for a few brief moments, resulting in a significant surge of power. If your car suddenly stalls after coming to a stop, your fuel system might be damage. If you have recently changed your car’s fuel system, chances are good that you have a damaged one. Get your car check by a mechanic immediately.

5. Unusual Noise From the Engine

Fuel injection systems generate a lot of noise when they’re working hard. They might make a loud thumping noise, hiss, pop, or buzz while delivering power. This noise is normal. If your car makes a strange noise while accelerating or while braking, get it check out by a mechanic. For that purpose, you can use Fuel Injector Tester and fix the engine problem regarding this.


Fuel injection systems can break down, causing a drop in fuel efficiency or engine performance. If you notice these warning signs, get your car check out by a mechanic immediately. A damaged fuel injection system can be troublesome and expensive to repair.

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